Mama Lewko Tomato Sauce Recipe

My maternal grandpa was the first generation of Northern and Southern Italian immigrants in Brazil and food plays a important role in my home. However when I created this recipe I was not trying to replicate anything but do something that tasty, health and over all fast...So in 2012 the Mama Lewko home made tomato sauce was created.


- 500 mg of San marzano tomatoes without skin and seeds

- 3 spoons of oil

- 5 gloves of Russian garlic Minced

- Kosher salt

- Basil leaf


add the oil, garlic and fry it until gold

add the tomatoes and the salt

let cook for 5 min in medium heat

Blend everything and let in slow heat for 20 min. stir once a while.

TIPS: infuse fresh basil in the sauce turn off the heat and close the pot. Another option I love is, add smoked paprika or oregano to vary the flavour profile depending of the dish I want to use it.

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