Can silky Products really be the path to smoother skin and hair?

Studies show that friction from tossing and turning causes creases in the skin, but a silky smooth surface can reduce that effect in the long run.

1- SIORO Women's Long Silk Robe Satin Kimono

2- LilySilk Men's Silk Pajama Set 16 Momme 100% Silk Full Length Luxury Sleepwear

3-Hugs Living 100% Mulberry Silk Face Mask with Filter Pocket and Adjustable Ear Loops

Thanks to silk's super smooth texture, hair glides over it without any friction which means you'll be less likely to wake up with frizzy hair, tangles, or bedhead, whereas cotton can snag hair and mess it up into a nest of tangles overnight.

1- 21 Momme 600 Thread Count 100% Mulberry Silk Bed Pillowcase

2- Silk Fitted Sheet, High End 100% Pure Mulberry Silk

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Silk or Satin?

Silk (and cotton) are highly absorbent, which can rob hair and skin of their natural oils. Satin feels cool to the touch, whereas silk warms up with body heat. For those who prefer to sleep on a cool surface, satin is the better choice.

1- Large Hair Scrunchies, Soft Silk

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