Skincare Routine for a Glow skin

During my quarantine, I saw a great opportunity to catch up with my skincare routine. Our skin is the outer covering of the body and is the largest organ of the integumentary system making it a very important organ not just to aesthetic but its our first barrier to protect ourselves from infections and diseases. So let, make it health and pretty...

Follow these steps to avoid getting breakouts or breakdowns.

CLEANSE Washing your face every night is important but washing it the night is crucial. Lessen the chance for dirt and oil to build up by calming the skin with a cleanser that works on your skin type. TONE Toning goes a long way in helping to remove dead skin cells. Use a clarifying lotion for oily skin and a hydrating mist for dry skin. This will help brighten your complexion. EXFOLIATE Exfoliate only if you have tried it. It may not be such a good idea to try using a product you have not tested. For the pros, use a gentle scrub twice a week and follow with moisturizer or your serum. FACE MASK Clarifying masks are good for oily skin while hydrating masks add moisture to dry skin. If you have the two types, combine and use both for a better result.

PROTECTION Finish off with a vitamin serum. This will help make you look fresh. A good serum will nurture your skin and keep it health. the last step in to apply your sunscreen even indoors because some light bulbs produce UVs light. Make sure it is appropriate for face and if you want skip one step use foundations with UV protection. MASTER TIP: take care your skin inside out Keep your body hydrate, Eat health food, try Sleep 6 to 8 hours, avoid sun without sunscreen. #skincare #skinroutine #beautytips #skincareroutine

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