What is Hamsa and why it's the most trendy jewelry symbol between many celebrities.

You probably seen these uniquely shaped hand with an eye symbols on pendants, keychains and bracelets worn by many celebrities around the globe.

The Hamsa can be called also Hand of Mirian or hand of Fatima.

Hamsa is one of the oldest symbols with a history that dates back at least 1800 years, pre-dating all the major religions but afterward adopted by many.

The Hamsa Significance in Different Religions

– Islam

For the Sunni, the symbol represents the 5 pillars of Islam. For the Shi’te, it represents the Five People of the Cloak.

- Hindu and Buddhism

The Hamsa represents the flow of energy of the chakras in your body as well as the five senses and mudras. Each finger of the Hamsa is representative of a chakra and an element.


In Judaism, the number five has holy connotations, representative of one of God’s names as well as of the Torah’s five holy books. The five fingers also reminds the wearer praise God using the five senses.

The recent revival of interest in Kabbalah, in part due to the efforts of celebrities including Madonna, Brittany Spears, and Demi Moore, has brought with it a new public for kabbalah accessories, including hamsas.

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