Laura Lewko

Laura Lewko Style 2

Vancouver based Laura Lewko is a Brazilian Canadian mother of three children,  business woman, lifestyle influencer and BG Actor. 

 2017 In her first year  as lifestyle influencer she reached a key milestone in Vancouver - being the most invited influencer to attend national and international events. This was driven by her bold personality and limitless passion for fashion and lifestyle.


Laura Lewko also is well known for her philanthropic work supporting many charities and becoming the first digital influencer to be a Goodwill Ambassador for Variety BC a children's charity in 2018. 


What is unique about me?

 “I can walk the talk.” I am human and I am a mother of three children. Since moving to a new country in 2012. I faced language, neighbourhood, health, parenting, marriage, and family challenges while fighting to remain loyal to myself as a mother but more uniquely as a person. I am not defined by society’s expectations but by higher ones I set for myself in all the roles I play.

I lead Casa Brazilis – a Faming & Retal Vacation proprieties in Brazil and have plans to expand to other Countries, while in Canada I develop my  creative mind, modelling, acting and doing digital media marketing consulting. 

My favourite quote


” Live!!

Experience the world with love, kind eyes and opened mind.” – Laura Lewko